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Numbers | Academic Workbook

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Grade 5



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About This Product

Numbers | Academic Workbook

The Numbers | Academic Workbook is an all-inclusive teaching resource designed with the purpose of simplifying math education. This comprehensive tool focuses on a variety of skills found in mathematics, offering 52 usage-intensive pages to facilitate effective learning.

Replete with various academic tasks such as writing exercises, fill-in-the-blank questions, multiple-choice items, and notable assessments - this workbook can be easily integrated into any existing curriculum guidelines.


Suitable for Grade 5 students studying Math subjects specifically numbers topics, the Numbers | Academic Workbook is adaptable to diverse teaching methods or learning paces. It encourages both critical thinking and engagement by guiding learners into a deeper understanding of concepts such as:

  • Integers
  • Number properties
  • The connection between words and numbers
  • Place value comprehension etc
  • Familiarizing order of operations.
Critical Skills Learned through this Workbook

A critical skill learned through this workbook involves building identification abilities regarding place value (ranging from thousandths up to millions) including expanded notations stretching till the hundred thousands bracket too. Students will also get intimately acquainted with the role parentheses play altering outcomes within mathematical equations allowing them opportunities practise their solving skills under orders operation principles.


This resource goes hand in glove alongside whole group discussions letting every student get involved together towards shared challenges. It also serves equally well during small group sessions letting every individual delve deeper at their own pace. Even singe question pages exist here ideal for impactful exit tickets which works amazing aids conduct informal assessments post each lesson completion.

About the Resource Accessibility & User-friendliness

The workbook is easy to use with just a PDF download. Consisting of 52 print-ready pages, the user-friendliness of this resource further adds to its allure.


If you're seeking a versatile, rigorous tool that combines instruction and assessment in one compact package, then Numbers | Academic Workbook should be considered a staple in any educator's inventory.

What's Included

1 PDF with 52 ready to print pages

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numbers worksheets integers order of operations solving problems math worksheets

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