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Nursery Rhymes

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About This Product

Nursery Rhymes: A delightful teaching resource

Nursery Rhymes is a delightful teaching resource that adds fun and rhythm to the classroom, nurturing children's love for music along the way. This collection provides 13 beautifully compiled nursery rhymes presented in audio format in a single zip file. It's an excellent tool for preschool, kindergarten, grade 1 teachers, and homeschoolers focusing on Early Learning.

Giving Old Favourites A Fresh Twist

The captivating tunes of each nursery rhyme merge both traditional and modern elements. The uplifting lyrics subtly infuse these time-honoured rhymes capturing children’s imaginations and bringing them closer to language exploration.

The positive endings featured in this collection make our tunes extra appealing to younger students who love a good, cheerful conclusion in their songs. This adds fresh life into old favourites causing each melody to resonate deep within their hearts.

All-Round Educational Tool

This educational tool excitedly helps during group classes where kids can sing together fostering creativity and solidarity among them. It can also be used one-on-one or during smaller group sessions promoting individual skills like listening comprehension or vocal articulation.

Educators can integrate it into homework assignments too allowing little learners to continue exploring rhythm and rhyme at home!

Augmenting Other Studies Too!

  • The entertainment value isn't the only advantage of incorporating Nursery Rhymes within your curriculum; it could also significantly enhance other areas such as Art & Music studies by boosting musical cognition among young students due to continuous exposure to varying melodies and rhythms encapsulated within each nursery rhyme.
In summary:

Nursery Rhymes brings timeless verses back into classrooms packed with innovation and that musical zest which will surely leave long-lasting impressions on each student's early learning journey.

What's Included

1 zip file with 13 songs

Resource Tags

Nursery rhymes Music education Language development Early Learning Group activities

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