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Ocean Animals Deep-sea Community PowerPoint and Study Guide

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About This Product

NatureGlo's Deep-sea Communities PowerPoint and Study Guide with Internet Activities is a cutting edge mini unit. Bring your learners on a unique deep-sea exploration looking at hydrothermal vents, black smokers, fauna that live in and around the vents, intriguing illustrations of deep-sea vents, and more! This resource has been used in the classroom and homeschool setting since 2015. Learners are invited to create unique projects from the given Internet Activity resources.

Explore some of the most bizarre yet amazing deep-sea creatures!

What's Inside:

  • One Quick Start Guide

  • One Twenty-seven slide animated PowerPoint

  • One fifteen page Teacher study guide with answer key

  • One eleven page student study guide without answer key

  • Link to internet activities with lesson enhancing web resources, videos, and project ideas

What's Inside of the PowerPoint

  • Answer to the question, "What are Deep-sea Communities"

  • Deep-sea community adaptations

  • Oceanic Zones illustration

  • History of the deep-sea community discovery

  • Deep-sea temperatures

  • Deep-sea community food sources

What's in the Study Guide?

  • 10 review questions

  • 1 journal entry

  • 1 quiz

  • Answer key (found in teacher's guide)

What's in the Internet Activities?

  • Web resources giving additional scholarly information about deep-sea communities

  • Project and activity ideas so that learners can deep-dive into deep-sea topics they're most interested in exploring

  • Lesson enhancing videos about hydrothermal vents and the fauna found around them

Resource Tags

ocean animals sea animals deep-sea animals ocean life marine biology ocean science marine science deep-sea communities

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