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oo Phonic Reading Book Level 1:3

oo Phonic Reading Book Level 1:3
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About This Product

The oo Phonic Reading Book Level 1:3 is a significant teaching tool designed for the comprehensive advancement of early reading abilities. It's the subsequent stage in a systematic sequence of phonics reading books, making it an imperative addition to any educational tactic. This third publication in Level 1 only incorporates CVC, CVCC/CCVC, ck, and oo words—lined up with most available phonic programmes.

Special Features

  • Rather than depending heavily on visual illustrations that can lead to guessing, this text-centric approach fosters children to seek meaning directly from the written content.
  • In order to reinforce its effectiveness; specific sight words or tricky terms are intentionally scattered throughout this book at minimal frequency.
  • This distinctive digraph series concentrates extensively on sounding out words while gently introducing new vocabulary.
  • A brief teacher-led introduction set within each book serves as conversation initiator about understanding text—making up for limited narrative content while nurturing versatile communicative skills amongst pupils.

Youths will be engrossed in delightful tales featuring related characters like farmer Tom and his animal family including cats and dogs—an effective way known to boost overall involvement in learning tasks. The oo Phonic Reading Book Level 1:3's unique phonetic design is purposefully structured around aiding struggling students which makes it an indispensable resource not just for typical learners but essentially those dealing with special needs who struggle adapting well with other programmes. It also proves beneficial for young EFL/ESL learners where stories presented stimulates interests effortlessly transforming education into something enjoyable as well as effective—a distinctive charm further enhanced by compatibility via PDF format offering scope for whole class involvement, small study groups or individual after-school assignments. Essentially an excellent provision facilitating wide range of educational grades but specifically early learning phases expanding towards language art with special resources and subcategories such as Pre-Reading and Phonics.

What's Included

1 PDF file with 12 pages.

Print A4 and fold into an A5 booklet and staple together.

Resource Tags

1 Phonics learning 2 Reading skills 3 Digraphs 4 Sight words 5 Early literacy

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