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Our Solar System - 7 Engaging Lab Station Activities

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10



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About This Product

Our Solar System - Engaging Lab Station Activities Journey through our solar system with these 7 hands-on lab stations! Students will research planets and space facts, watch expert videos, design models, answer analysis questions, and more. This resource covers the Sun, inner and outer planets, Pluto, the Moon and other space concepts. The stations are designed to engage various learning styles. Students will get creative with drawing projects, use technology for research, write explanations, apply knowledge from readings, answer analysis questions, learn from videos, create their own questions, and have time to review or finish up work. The activities can be used for review or during initial instruction. There are station description cards, expert videos, readings, drawing templates, knowledge questions with an answer key, and recording sheets. BONUS: Word scrambles and word searches are also included to prevent any downtime between stations. Just print, set up the stations, and implement this fun and educational lab! Students of all types will love the interaction and hands-on applications. It requires almost no prep-work for you. This resource is perfect for grade 7-10 science classrooms covering space science and astronomy. The content-rich activities will boost student engagement and understanding in an interactive way. Take students' knowledge of our solar system to the next level!

What's Included

1 zip file with:

-Applicability Reading

-Lab Station Cards

-Lab Station Passport

-Learn from the Expert

-Test Your Knowledge

-Additional Answer Keys

This lab activity covers:

- The Sun

- The Inner Planets

- The Outer Planets

- Pluto

- The Moon

Resource Tags

solar system planets astronomy lab stations my solar system lab worksheet answers solar system interactives

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