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Partial Fractions Pennant Activity

Partial Fractions Pennant Activity
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Grade 4, 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

Partil Fractions Pennant Activity


If you teach math and are looking for engaging resources for your students, I have just the resources for you!


What You Get:

This is a Partial Fractions Pennant Activity. It is a 12-page printable that includes pennants printed 2 per page. There are 20 flags with fraction problems. There are 2 blank flags at the end. An answer key is included.


How To Implement This Pennant Activity: 

You can print off all the flags. Depending on your class, you’ll want to decide how many flags you want each student to complete. If you have a small class size, you may have students complete 3 or more flags each. Give students time to complete their partial fractions equations and write their answers. There is enough space on the flags for students to work out the problem. Students can cut out their pennants and you can display them in the classroom or in the hallway.



I hope you enjoy!


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