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Patriotic Themed Frames

Patriotic Themed Frames
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About This Product

This is a set of Patriotic Themed Frames that have an endless amount of uses! Perhaps, you are searching for all the patriotic things for holidays, such as Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or Veteran’s Day.


These patriotic themes come in a 9-slide editable PowerPoint. This gives you the opportunity to add, take away, and tweak as you need.


Here are a few ways you may use these frames:

--You could insert them as backgrounds into your usual lessons.

--You could layer text boxes within the frames. Inside of the text boxes, you can include quotes from influential leaders that are representative of the holiday you are celebrating.

--You could layer text boxes with the frame. Inside of the text boxes, you can include information pertaining to the holiday you may be celebrating.


These frames can be inserted digitally into presentations, and they can also be printed off for display around your classrooms.


There are 9 slides with a variation of red, white, and blue frames.


I hope you enjoy!


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What's Included

An editable 9-slide PowerPoint

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