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Pawsome Graduation: Graduation Bulletin Boards & Door Decor Kits

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About This Product

This time of year, why not make your classroom a festive menagerie with our bulletin board and door decor kits. Get your students in on the fun by doing a hands-on project that speaks to what makes for success, filling your learning environment with graduation excitement.

What’s in the Package:

1. Bulletin Board Kit: Graduation-themed

It features cute animals that have put on graduation caps and other fun pictures to make class more like a fantasy. These flexible designs can be used across different age groups and various learning themes to mark graduation.

2. Lovely Door Decor Elements:

The eye-catching door decors are meant to match the graduation theme hence adding life at the entrance point of your class room. Customize these elements with student names to make them special as graduation caps.

3. Designs which promote inclusivity:

A variety of inclusive designs having letters in many colors, outlines or solid black for expressing heartfelt messages and promoting unity in a classroom.

4. Graphics in Different Sizes:

Ensure continuity between media sizes, select appropriate size for your classroom layout, so that there is smooth flow within it. This range include playfully adorned animals appearing small on some graphics such as those utilized

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