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PBL: Earth Day (Editable in Google Docs)

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10



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About This Product

PBL: Earth Day Teaching Resource

This is a teaching tool designed for students in grades 5 to 10. This instruction promotes hands-on engagement through project-based learning and is editable via Google Docs.

Research Element

In the heart of this resource, students select topics associated with Earth Day like Animals, Pollution, Physical Geography, and Fuel to Support. These themes inspire them to craft their own questions and project proposals.

Highlighting The Learning Process And Versatility

  • The process is open-ended with both creativity limit and student ownership criteria.
  • Includes templates serving as graphic organizers that guide all five project steps.
  • The resource encompasses crucial factors such as time management and communication clarity.
Evaluation Criteria in PBL: Earth Day
  1. Built-in evaluation criteria presented via rubrics for general assessment & presentation.
  2. Aims at measuring student comprehension ensuring learning objectives are met within language arts classes or creative writing exploration thereof.

An Accessible Instructional Tool With Extensive Functionality For Educators

Included guides on using Google Docs, "Slides" and creating a webpage makes PBL: Earth an easy-to-integrate educational tool. Ideal for public school teachers or homeschoolers adapting remote learning options.

Suitable across multiple learning dynamics & settings including group classroom activities ,small group assignments ,individual projects rotation or homework cycles.

What's Included

This resource includes

- Student Directions Handout

- Project Topic Ideas

- Page information/graphic organizers for all 5 steps

- Rubric & Presentation Rubric

- Additional Resources: Using Google Docs, Slides and creating a webpage.

Resource Tags

environmental conservation project-based learning Earth Day critical thinking digital resources

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