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Physics Google Form Test: Ohm's Law

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product


Physics Google Form Test: Ohm’s Law is a unique and essential teaching tool designed to provide an interactive experience in your educational space. This resource is perfect for educators ranging from public school teachers to dedicated homeschoolers. It aims at enhancing understanding in crucial areas such as Physical Science and Physics.

About the Test

This test is centered around Ohm's Law (I=V/R). It comprises 12 carefully formulated multiple-choice questions related to concepts like current, resistance, and voltage. The quiz can be used in various capacities within your learning program such as a starting exercise or 'bell ringer', an exit slip, supplementary reinforcement work or even as a formal evaluation tool.


The Physics Google Form Test: Ohm’s Law, can be effortlessly customized to align with your lesson structure without losing its original essence.

Eco-Friendly Aspect & Accessibility

This test employs Google Forms therefore can be accessed anytime, anywhere whenever it’s convenient while also promoting environmental consciousness by eliminating paper use.

Designed primarily for Grade 9 up till Grade 12 learners - this gives you peace of mind knowing you have access to substantiated content suitable for capturing those teachable moments.

Physics Google Form Test: Ohm's Law, serves as an indispensable support tool converting classrooms into exciting spaces where academic growth thrives harmoniously within our digitally advancing society!

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