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Picking Partners Card Set

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Picking Partners Card Set

Picking Partners Card Set is a versatile teaching resource that breathes life into fun learning activities. Ideal for preschool, kindergarten, and students of grades 1 and 2. The card set follows an easy principle - each set is made up of two cards forming a pair, making it simple and enjoyable for students to find their 'partner' card.

With a vivid collection of 44 pairs, the card set becomes all the more interesting as it effortlessly facilitates student pairings. This efficient tool gives teachers an easy method to create meaningful random partnerships for group activities or paired tasks.

  • Variety of Pairs: The set doesn't just contain fictional characters but also real-world items helping kids to easily comprehend and enrich their knowledge about everyday objects.
  • Format and Ease: Available in PDF format spread over 13 pages, the cards are ready-to-print facilitating immediate usage.
  • Versatility: Its usage extends from whole-group instruction environments to small group assignments or individual homework tasks.
  • Creative Usage: The cards can be used beyond pairing exercises; teachers have space to design games or sessions centering around understanding 'pairs’ concept'. This flexibility helps make it an elementary must-have asset in any early learners' setting.

In essence, this Picking Partners Card Set opens gates for expansive teaching possibilities where dynamic learning goes hand-in-hand with relaxed amusement. It's not just another stack of flashcards; rather an essential tool which infuses vitality & excitement into your academic plan fostering better student interactions within class community.

What's Included

1 PDF with 13 ready to print pages

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