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Pixel Art Math Valentine's Day | Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

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Grade 8, 9, 10, 11





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About This Product

Searching for an engaging method to help your 8th graders brush up on adding and subtracting polynomials?

Check out this Valentine's Day themed pixel art activity! It's self-checking, requires no prep, and is super user-friendly. It's the ideal way for your students practice adding and subtracting polynomials problems.

With 20 problems to solve, your students will be fully immersed, eagerly revealing the image as they complete each question.

Give it a shot now and turn learning adding and subtracting polynomials into a fun and rewarding experience!

You'll also get a printable version of the questions.

I used this activity as an emergency sub plan in 9th grade and the kids loved it, my sub gave me great feedback since the students were engaged and she was able to teach the class smoothly.

Solutions are included for your convenience.

You can use it in class or at home for:

  • Early finishers

  • End-of-year activities

  • Back-to-school activities

  • Distance learning

  • Math centers

  • Homework

Some standout features and benefits of this product include:

  • It aligns with the common core standards.

  • It offers instant feedback and self-checking for students.

  • It's easy to assign.

  • It's fun and interactive for students.

Don't pass up this chance to review math concepts with your students in an enjoyable and meaningful way.

Snag this digital activity today, and witness your students' math skills skyrocket!

Since this activity is online (with interactive pages), there's minimal prep—just share the link, and they're good to go! No need for Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams logins; everything they need is right there online.

What's included:

Pdf with the link to the digital activity

Printable version of the questions (you can use it for accountability)


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