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Place Value - Up To Ten Million - Practice Questions With Answers

An educational teaching resource from Guinea Pig Education entitled Place Value - Up To Ten Million - Practice Questions With Answers downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Place Value


Grade 4, 5, 6





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About This Product


Place Value - Up To Ten Million - Practice Questions With Answers is an educational toolkit created for students aged 9-12. Designed to assist with mastering the concept of place value up to ten million, this resource contains worksheets filled with intuitive place value questions and solutions. The aim is to enhance children's comprehension of number values in digits, understanding and writing large numbers, aligning numbers and using place value principles for addition and subtraction tasks.


This extensive pack was conceived out of the realization that general textbooks provide limited exercises that sometimes insufficiently address areas where children commonly face challenges in mathematics. Hence, it is exclusively curated as a supplementary learning asset.

Detailed Conceptual Approach

  • Specially designed worksheets offer various instances allowing sufficient opportunities towards building a better understanding.
  • Aimed at aiding children's 'penny drop moment' through repeated practice that helps make abstract concepts concrete.
  • Serves as whole group instruction aids during classroom sessions among public school or homeschool educators; these sheets can judiciously fit within smaller study groups or be utilized as homework assignments promoting independent study outside schooling hours.
User-Friendly PDF Package

The materials are packed into an easy-to-retrieve 61-page PDF file accessible on demand anytime. It contains noteworthy lesson content meticulously dispersed throughout which will keep reinforcing the learning process continually

Note: Immediate feedback which can be crucial in learning is incorporated pause points allowing verification while leaving room for explaining deviations if any. In summary, Place Value - Up To Ten Million - Practice Questions With Answers truly stands out as an exceptional academic recourse bolstering mathematical grasp.

What's Included

61 pages

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