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Plotting Points on the Coordinate Plane | Earth Day Pixel Art Activity

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Grade 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

Earth Day Plotting Points on the Cartesian Plane Pixel Art Activity

Step into a world where math meets art with this interactive plotting points pixel art activity.

It’s designed to make plotting points an adventure for 5th and 6th graders, whether they’re in a classroom or learning from home.

Here’s what makes this activity special:

  • 20 Questions: Students will drag and drop 20 points on the cartesian plane

  • Visual Learning: Each correct answer reveals a part of a pixelated Earth Day image, making math visually rewarding.

  • Self-Checking: Students get immediate feedback, allowing them to learn from mistakes and move forward at their own pace.

Perfect for Any Occasion:

  • Early Finishers: Keeps all students engaged, even those who work ahead.

  • End-of-Year Activities: Wraps up the year with a fun review session.

  • Back-to-School Activities: Starts the year off with an exciting challenge.

  • Distance Learning: Ideal for at-home learning.

  • Math Centers: A great fit for station rotation.

  • Homework: Extends learning beyond the classroom walls.

  • Emergency sub plans: the no prep and self checking features make it perfect for a sub plan

  • Fun Friday review

The self checking feature makes it perfect also for homeschoolers.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Common Core Standards Alignment: Ensures educational standards are met.

  • Instant Feedback: Allows for self-assessment and independent learning.

  • Ease of Use: Teachers can easily set up and assign the activity.

  • Fun and Interactive: Makes learning a joyous experience.

  • Progress Saving: Students can pick up where they left off, ensuring continuity.

Simple and No prep: Since this activity is online (interactive pages) there is very little prep; just provide the link, and off they go!

There are no locks to configure or clues to hide—everything you need is online. No Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams logins are necessary.

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