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Plural Nouns Worksheet

Plural Nouns Worksheet
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Grade 2





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About This Product

If you are a 1st grade teacher, you have more than likely introduced nouns to your students! Some of your students may even be eager and ready to learn about nouns on a more advanced level. If you are a 2nd grade teacher, you are looking to do exactly that. Students are learning more about nouns, such as common versus proper nouns and plural nouns. Teaching students the many rules of plural nouns requires lots of practice for many of our students. This is a Plural Nouns Worksheet that will provide students with the practice they need. PDF format.

How to Use This Resource:


This is a 1-page printable with 2 sections for students to complete. At the top, students are given a reminder about plural nouns to differentiate when they should add an s or an es.


In the first box, there are 5 problems. In the second box, there are 9 problems. One problem is completed for students in each box.


This worksheet can be used in small groups, as independent work, in partners, or even homework.


I hope you enjoy!


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What's Included

A 1 page printable PDF

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