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Plural Nouns Grammar Poster and Worksheet

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Grade 2, 3



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Teaching students plural nouns can be a really difficult task. There are so many different rules, so teaching each rule independently, I think, is key.

With this resource you will get one of my grammar plural noun posters, as well as a worksheet that goes along with the rule.

This would work great for 2nd and 3rd grades. It can be great for teaching the rule, as well as reviewing the rule.

This poster's rule is the rule that most nouns add an -s to make it plural. The poster is colorful and gives examples. A black and white version of the poster is available as well. The poster can be placed up on the board or wall for students to refer back to. If you'd like to copy the poster for each student, you can use the black and white version.

The worksheet provided has 20 questions for students to answer. This can be done whole group, as independent practice, or even as an assessment.

You will receive 3 pdf pages: one is of the poster in color, one is the poster in black and white, and one of the worksheet. Note: The poster is 8 1/2 x 11.

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