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Poetry Activities for Plot Structure (w/ Thomas Hardy & 'The Man...')

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12





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About This Product

This complete resource for poetry analysis gives a detailed examination of the compelling concept of narrative plot structure using Thomas Hardy's evocative poem, "The Man He Killed." This resource smartly merges a variety of activities: guided annotation, literary analysis tasks (including both short answer and essay assignments), and a creative activity that encourages students to write their own poems, all aimed at a thorough and engaging study of plot structure in literature.

This resource is designed with adaptability in mind and can be used in several ways. It can be broken down into smaller parts and used as an attention-grabbing start to lessons, brief writing tasks, or as ready-to-go plans for substitute teachers. Alternatively, instructors have the option to bring together all three of the provided activities into a progressive poetry lesson that spans one to two weeks, thereby submerging students in the fascinating world of plot structure in literature.

Instruction of this resource is straightforward! You begin by introducing and discussing the poem via the poem analysis activity, which also serves as an excellent introduction to your lesson. Following this, allocate time for students to engage in the guided annotation activity and to answer the analysis question that forms part of the lesson (note: an answer key is provided for ease of marking!). Students then get a chance to craft their own poem, drawing from the poetic concept they've analyzed. The final step involves assessing your students' comprehension of the poem and its poetic elements through a literary analysis essay. The essay task includes a defined prompt, useful writing tips, a process for peer review, and a rubric that aligns with Common Core standards!

Your TeachSimple download includes:

  • A POEM ANALYSIS ACTIVITY: Give students the opportunity to read Thomas Hardy's "The Man He Killed” (text included) and analyze the poem via an annotation activity and accompanying analysis questions (answer key included). Ideal for a bell ringer!

  • A CREATIVE WRITING ASSIGNMENT: Provide students the opportunity to further develop their understanding of narrative structure with a creative poem writing assignment (tied to one Common Core Writing Standard). Ideal for sub plans!

  • A LITERARY ANALYSIS ESSAY: This essay assignment builds on students' thematic understanding of plot structure and Hardy's "The Man He Killed.” The assignment handout includes essay guidelines, analysis prompt, literary analysis writing tips, and a peer review checklist. The included rubric is tied to 4 Common Core ELA Standards and includes a link to an editable rubric that allows for grading customization and seamless integration into Google Classroom and many other Learning Management Systems (LMS's)

Although this resource can be fitted for any secondary Language Arts classroom, it has been carefully designed to work best in grades 9 through 12. The included rubric is subtly but specifically tied to Common Core ELA Standards for Language (1 and 2) and Writing (2 and 4). This resource is provided in print-ready, bookmarked, and adjustable PDF files and PowerPoint Show files.

This resource contains 5 pages and 1 Google Sheet.

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