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Political Parties: AP Government

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

Rose Molina
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About This Product

Political Parties: AP Government

This Political Parties: AP Government is an engaging teaching resource designed specifically for social studies educators teaching U.S. history and government topics to grade 9 through 12 students.

Key Features:

  • A deep-dive into the structure and functions of political parties.

  • Insights into psychological and sociological influences on party identification.

  • An extensive exploration of propaganda techniques used across U.S history.

  • The format followed through in this presentation includes questions and then answers.

  • This resource includes a total of 107 slides with all the information necessary for students to learn about the political parties.

Vocabulary Development:

This Political Parties: AP Government resource includes key political science terms such as 'primaries', 'caucuses', 'PACs', 'realignment', and 'de-alignment'—providing a critical language base in political discussions.

For Home-Schooled Students Too

This resource transcends traditional classrooms, offering equally beneficial content for homeschooling environments too.

Format & Compatibility:
Its PPTX format ensures compatibility across multiple platforms without sacrificing quality or substance. This can also be viewed as Google Slides or PDF.

A World Beyond a Presentation:
Political Parties: AP Government is not just an educational tool– it's a journey that equips students with insights into democracy's pillars shaping our nation.

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