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Pregnancy Labelling Poster & Activity | Baby Poster | Printable Human Anatomy Poster

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About This Product

Pregnancy Labelling Poster & Activity Kit: A Comprehensive Teaching Resource

The Pregnancy Labelling Poster & Activity Kit is an invaluable tool for educators who want to simplify complex anatomical concepts into digestible information. This superb teaching aids makes studying human anatomy more captivating, especially for younger or beginner-level students.

Engaging and Interactive Design

The kit's centerpiece is a beautifully hand-painted watercolor poster that displays a baby in the womb, creating a unique aesthetic appeal that resonates with students while enhancing their knowledge of fetal development. Moreover, this poster can be used interactively — as a worksheet for labeling activities or as the focus of group discussions.

Versatile Usage

Complimenting its educational flexibility, two poster versions are available—one tagged 'baby' and another marked 'fetus'. This provides teachers with the flexibility to align terminology according to specific curricular requirements without losing visual attractiveness.

  • Activity pack beyond aesthetics:
    • It includes blank templates that promote intellectual stimulation among learners. The customization option encourages them to label major parts like baby, placenta, and umbiclical cord.There's also space provided for adding parts through labels on separate sheets.

  • Ease-of-use:
    • All resources come in PDF format making it suitable for swift download and printing onto high-quality paper as recommended by educators themselves.

Catering Diverse Grade Levels Effectively...

While excelling visually due to its watercolor themes, this resource conveniently caters to diverse grade levels according to science curricular mandates. With its focus on exciting areas of Science like Anatomy, the Pregnancy Labelling Poster & Activity Kit is undoubtedly a worthy accessory for every educator's toolkit.

What's Included

This pack includes:

-2 versions of the poster (one with the label baby and one with the label fetus depending on your preference).

- A blank version of the poster to add labels to or to create a simpler custom version of the poster to suit your child's level.

- A blank version where your child can add the baby, placenta, umbilical cord, and labels.

- A sheet of parts and labels to use with the blank version above.

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