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Princess Dido's Oxhide Activity

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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Princess Dido's Oxhide Activity

A unique teaching resource tailored for students in grade 2 to grade 5, primarily focusing on social studies and biographies. This inventive approach to learning combines reading comprehension with arts and crafts.

Engaging Reading Comprehension

The activity starts with students reading a short informative passage about Princess Dido, integrating literacy into your social studies lessons. The engaging exercise is designed for learners to improve their reading skills while gaining knowledge on this significant historical figure – a queen who played an integral role in the history of Carthage.

Inspiring Art Crafting Activity

  • Craft After Reading: Post the reading session, children are prompted to engage in a craft activity based on Princess Dido's oxhide story. This step solidifies understanding of concepts learned during the initial phase.
  • Crafting Encourages Engagement: By inviting kids into hands-on experiences, crafting fosters creativity and connects them more deeply to what they've studied . It can be conducted individually or as part of small-group work – versatile enough for various teaching methods!

Tailor-made for Educators: Ready-to-use & Printer-friendly

All eight printable pages are supplied in easily accessible PDF file format making the kit entirely ready-to-use– ideal for busy educators. Moreover, all pages are printer-friendly , available both in color as well as black-and-white versions providing maximum convenience.

Beyond Traditional Learning Methods

This strategic mix of factual text and interactive crafting facilitates comprehensive understanding while spurring children’s interest exploring new topics seamlessly! So why still rely solely on traditional worksheet activities? Assign Princess Dido's Oxhide Activity now keeping your students invested through varied study formats, allowing them to unravel fascinating facts at their own pace while honing their skills.

What's Included

1 PDF with 8 ready to print pages

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Princess Dido Oxhide activity Social studies Biography Reading comprehension

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