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Printable Times Tables Charts for Multiplication Fact Fluency in Grades 2-7

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About This Product

This is a ready-to-go resource designed to enhance students' multiplication skills. It serves as an instructional bridge from grade 2 up till grade 7, ideal for both conventional classrooms and special education environments.


The resource comes with color-coded times tables charts that are also available in black and white format. Each chart presents the initial twelve facts for a specific multiplication table, ranging from 0 to eleven. These charts contain helpful hints like "double-double" for the four times table. To aid learning and pattern recognition, all facts from the same times table are labeled in the same color across different charts.

Multiple Uses:

  • Classroom Decorative Aids: Full-page color prints can be used as educational posters or anchor charts around your teaching area.

  • Personal Learner's Guide: Reduce them into six-per-page size black & white copies (preferably printed back-to-back) for students' personal use in their bind or math notebook.

  • Scheduled Lessons Aid: In scenarios where each multiplication table is taught individually over time, you may print out separate pages while introducing a new set of multiplication facts.

  • Updated: I have now included the charts with blanks as well so you can use them as a simple worksheet or place them in a plastic sleeve to use as a math center.

The linear arrangement of these times tables makes it easy for learners to grasp the concept better than traditional grid-style presentation, increasing their chances of correctly identifying answers and recognizing patterns within number sets.

Besides supporting learners to achieve Standard 3.OA.A7—"Fluently multiply and divide within hundred", this tool aids precise comprehension of early math patterns, helping to impart deeper understanding behind the relationship between multiplication and division.

What's Included:

This package includes 36 charts—12 in full color, 12 black & white versions, and 12 with the answers removed—all available in an easy-to-use PDF format.

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