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Professional Development PD Log Sushi Theme

An educational teaching resource from Sheltered Language Resources entitled Professional Development PD Log Sushi Theme downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product


The Professional Development PD Log with Sushi Theme is a unique teaching tool designed to streamline your yearly professional development logging process in the most enjoyable and efficient way possible. This PDF file is an attractive, sushi-themed worksheet created, keeping in mind educators' diverse needs across all grade levels and subjects.

Importance of Theme

This resource acknowledges that completing your annual professional development log may sometimes feel monotonous. However, adding a visually appealing sushi theme to the entire ordeal can indisputably make it more engaging while allowing teachers to maintain their focus on much-needed documentation accurately.


Being functionally flexible, this resource can easily be incorporated into various educational settings such as public schools or homeschooling environments for individual educators. Supervisors or department heads may also utilize this log during group meetings or workshops for a comprehensive overview of each educator's professional growth over time.

Drawing Up Smiles!

The light-hearted sushi theme presented in this PDF file has been carefully selected to introduce some fun into what could otherwise be regarded as heavy paperwork. It acts as a reminder that not all administrative tasks have to be tedious - they can also have quirky elements attached!

Using Simpler Tools...
  1. Favourable for Struggling Record-Keepers:
  2. Although universally applicable across different grades, the Professional Development PD Log with its Sushi Theme is specially advantageous for those who might struggle with maintaining records manually or on complex digital platforms.

  3. Makes Record Keeping Straightforward:
  4. As straightforward worksheets, these logs significantly simplify record-keeping without losing any essential details about one’s professional journey throughout the year.


To sum up, this product provides not only an effective method for tracking professional growth but also integrates an entertaining design element into a quintessential administrative task!

Regardless of whether you're planning staff meetings at school or personal study sessions at home, this sushi-themed worksheet makes sure that logging PD hours turns from mundane tasks into engaging exercises.

What's Included

1 PDF file.

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