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Pronoun Shifts (CCSS L.6.1c): Supplemental Worksheets for the Common Core

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Grade 6





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About This Product

Pronoun Shifts (CCSS L.6.1c): Supplemental Worksheets for the Common Core

Are you an educator teaching Grade 6 Language Arts and searching for resources on grammar units related to pronouns? Then, these worksheets are a must-have! These refer specifically to the CCSS L.6.1c standard on Pronoun Shifts.

About the Worksheets

  1. Each worksheet features questions or activities designed to enhance your students' understanding of pronoun shifts in English grammar.
  2. Crafted keeping the Common Core standards in focus, there are five different activities offering a variety of prompts and keeping students engaged.

Usability in Classroom Setting

  • Suitable for use with whole classrooms during lessons, smaller groups during center time, or as homework assignments - providing reinforcement to lessons taught.
  • Comes with an answer key at its conclusion – simplifying marking procedures effectively.
  • The code located on each worksheet allows you to find out which book it originated from – offering you an opportunity gradually build up your professional teaching library!
Note: Viewing this product optimally requires Adobe Reader installed on your device - readily available here:

Your teaching plans can maintain maximum flexibility by making use of this product’s PDF formating - it’s complete with five print-ready pages!

In conclusion, Pronoun Shifts (CCSS L.6.1c) Supplemental Worksheets provide tools high in quality content geared towards improving knowledge and mastery around grammar aspects aligned with Common Core standards – they’re particularly beneficial for minimizing gaps between student learning in-classroom and curriculum targets.

What's Included

1 PDF with 5 ready to print pages

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