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Quotes and Notes From Great Classical Composers Copywork: Franz Peter Schubert

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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

Quotes and Notes From Great Classical Composers Copywork: Franz Peter Schubert

An invaluable teaching resource for educators, this tool infuses language mastery, music history and cognitive skills into lesson plans. The resource welcomes students from grades 2 to 8 on a journey through carefully selected quotes from composer Franz Peter Schubert.

Significance of Copywork

Copywork is highly regarded as an effective method for young learners to learn and grasp spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and vocabulary. Through the transcription of historical information about Schubert’s thoughts or observations, they naturally grow their writing skills over time. This method can be applied in various educational settings including whole group instruction or small group activity; it could also serve as value-added homework practice catering to both visual learners and kinesthetic students.

Bridging Music with Language Acquisition Skills

  • This resource supplements Art & Music curricula.
  • It reinforces comprehension of orchestral components such as the conductor's role, Strings (violin, viola), Woodwinds (horn), Brass ensemble learning points on Percussion instruments; all illustrated with reference to Franz Peter Schubert.

User-friendly eBook Format

A nine-page resource inclusive of five copywork worksheets with regularly spaced lines suitable for older grade levels,this eBook comes in a printable PDF format offering effortless distribution digitally. It sets the stage for educators to integrate multi-disciplinary lessons seamlessly combining language skill acquisition with fascinating historical musical trivia.

What's Included

9 pages in PDF format with 5 copywork worksheets

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