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Read the story 'Feather World.' (soft c, soft g & words ending in "ing")

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About This Product

Read the Story 'Feather World': A Valuable Teaching Resource

Read the Story 'Feather World': Soft C, Soft G & Words Ending in 'Ing' is a teaching resource designed to enhance phonetic reading skills of children. Focusing primarily on soft C and G sounds, as well as words ending in 'ing', it uses an engaging storyline that adequately sustains interest while helping them learn.

Geared towards learners from Early Learning to Grade 1, this tool accommodates varying abilities within your classroom. It can be used both for one-on-one instruction or small group readings. Furthermore, it doubles up as homework assignments for reinforcing literacy skills taught in class.

The Structure of Feather World Teaching Material

  • A structured course incorporating 44 phonic sounds.
  • Serves to aid comprehension and pronunciation abilities over six months.
  • An illustrative story about Sam's adventures that holds children's fascination—a vivid sound treasure hunt!
  • The course material is designed in a PDF format—easy distribution via digital means.
  • Bonus Features Include:

  • Adeptness at introducing complex middle sounds systematically to students.
  • Fosters word-to-picture visual connection through matching exercises peppered with colorful illustrations throughout the learning materials.

Each module operates independently from others, providing flexibility based on learner progresses or specific needs—start with initial simple sounds or advance to complex ones like prefixes and suffixes eventually. By conclusion of Feather World journey, students will be ready to transition into solo reading books similar to Roald Dahl's classics—they'll conquer 80% of the words by phonics!

To sum up, Read the Story 'Feather World' is an interactive, systematic and engaging resource that captivates students while imparting them with vital literacy skills.

What's Included

12 pages

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phonetic reading soft C and G sounds words ending in 'ing' engaging storyline visual connections

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