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Vowel Digraphs, Soft C And Soft G: One Snowy Night On Earth

Vowel Digraphs, Soft C And Soft G: One Snowy Night On Earth
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Vowel Digraphs, Soft C And Soft G: One Snowy Night On Earth

This teaching resource provides effective guidance for imparting knowledge related to soft c, soft g and the vowel digraphs ow, ou, oar, au, aw. Suitable for learners from Kindergarten through Grade 2.

Engaging Content

The product contains 52 pages of engaging content designed for Phonic Writing Practice and Comprehension worksheets. It introduces learners to an intriguing alien character named Zoggy who demonstrates exceptional computer skills.

Mission Spelling Zero Scheme

  • Zoggy's stories are perfect foundations for teaching initial sounds, double consonant blends and vowel digraphs.
  • The scheme is divided into seven levels - each corresponding to a color of the rainbow.
  • These fascinating stories aim at promoting first reading and spelling skills progressively amongst pupils.
  • Learners can revisit ideologies simultaneously while acquiring new ones ensuring progressive learning at all levels.
Writing Booklets & Games:
Along with improving reading skills; the tool offers supplementary writing booklets where:
  • Learners can improve handwriting techniques,
  • Sentence construction exercises are also provided,
  • < li>A host of games encourage reinforcement of learnt facts through each level.

Inclusive in its approach; 'Vowel Digraphs, Soft C And Soft G: One Snowy Night On Earth' suites diverse educational environments like public schools or homeschooling setups. This flexibility facilitates smaller study groups as well as individual study scenarios including homework assignments too!

What Does it Target?

This resource is dedicated to Language Arts educators with a focus on Phonics subjection. It blends traditional teaching methods with creative storytelling ensuring learning remains both enjoyable and academically fruitful for all users.

What's Included

52 pages

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vowel digraphs soft c soft g phonic writing practice comprehension worksheets

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