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Reading Comprehension: Coffee and The Enlightenment

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Grade 11, 12

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About This Product

Reading Comprehension: Coffee and The Enlightenment

A unique and versatile resource for Grade 11 and 12 humanities curriculum, tackling the intriguing topic of how coffee's introduction to Western Europe potentially influenced Enlightenment thinkers.

Main Feature: An Original Article

The heart of this product is an engaging article discussing the main theme - "Coffee and The Enlightenment". It artfully weaves together elements from history, society, culture, and human behaviour. Ideal for students intrigued by these areas.

Comprehensive Learning Engagement

  • Questions: Essential groundwork that not only enhances reading comprehension skills but also lends itself towards further exploration.

  • Projects & Discussions: Open-ended challenges designed to stimulate intellectual prowess. No answer keys or rubrics are provided to foster brainstorming sessions and allow educators control over assessment methods used.

Note: If you need different types of projects or discussion topics, feel free to leave a comment requesting one!

Versatile Class Engagement Methods:

  1. Fascinating Debates: Engage your class in discussions about how something as commonplace as coffee influenced societal thinking during significant historical periods!

  2. Intriguing Group Projects: You can have your students collaborate on projects revolving around researching Enlightenment thinkers than those mentioned in the article or creating a visual diagram illustrating changes in thinking!

  3. Solo Assignments: Might be useful as independent homework tasks.

    Your physical classroom setting doesn't matter nor if you're navigating online education's fast-paced journey – Reading Comprehension: Coffee & The Enlightenment guarantees engaging and multidimensional learning experiences, championing cooperative learning & high order thinking activities fitting for today's education landscape.

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