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Reading Comprehension: Crossword - FLASH-MAC

Reading Comprehension: Crossword - FLASH-MAC
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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Reading Comprehension: Crossword - FLASHMAC

An innovative teaching resource, Reading Comprehension: Crossword - FLASH-MAC is tailor-made for educators of grade 5 to grade 8 students. This software-based product focuses on enhancing the language art skills, particularly comprehension activities.

The magic of this tool lies in its compatibility with MAC systems. Delivered as a zip file, it provides opportunities for educators to extend beyond traditional textbooks and classrooms.

A Unique Intellectual Challenge

The crossword puzzle offered by the system promises an engaging intellectual challenge. It integrates "16 vocabulary words across and down clues", fostering creative thinking while building essential language skills.

Important Vocabulary Inclusion

  • antonym
  • chronological
  • conclusions
  • fact
  • Fishbone map or graphic inference.

The selection of each term aims to expand the learners' vocabulary stock whilst providing practice in using words contextually—subsequently aiding reading comprehension exercises. Furthermore, teachers can use this tool to introduce concepts such as identifying main ideas versus supporting arguments, distinguishing facts from opinions or understanding graphical timelines. Flexibility is intrinsic with Reading Comprehension: Crossword-FLASH-MAC. It accommodates various pedagogical styles and student needs like:

  • Catering for group activity during class hours,
    stimulating collaborative learning,
      Potentially catering into small remedial groups focusing on targeted skill-building,
    - Assigned independently as self-paced homework,- Or integrated within broader lessons during online schooling. An invaluable tool for both public school teachers and homeschoolers, Reading Comprehension: Crossword - FLASH-MAC fits specific instruction levels while keeping the learning robust. Enliven your teaching methods with Reading Comprehension: Crossword - FLASHMAC today, and stimulate an active learning environment boosting meaningful student engagement and language proficiency.
  • What's Included

    1 zip file with MAC software

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