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Reading Comprehension Passage with Questions: Baking Cookies

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Grade 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Reading Comprehension Passage with Questions: Baking Cookies

This product is an engaging and educational resource for public school teachers and homeschooling educators.

  • Designed primarily for grade 2 through grade 4 pupils.
  • A unique resource that melds language arts with reading representational skills.

The passage is built around a child-friendly theme of baking cookies. It includes eight questions helping children to strengthen their comprehension skills.

  1. Identifying the best title for the passage.
  2. Determining the main idea of the text.
  3. Singling out unrelated details from given facts.
  4. Maintaining sequencing events based on content read in a paragraph.
    - Time elapsed questions:
    e.g., if it took five minutes to mix ingredients and ten minutes each to bake two batches, how much total time was spent? ––--> The kind where kids are introduced into understanding mathematics more intrinsically! Finally—writing prompts encouraging expression. This resources can be readily adapted across multiple academic uses as assessments or practice tests. Furthermore, it comprises answer keys ensuring convenience. Supplied as a4-page PDF offering an all-round effective yet entertaining learning experience!

What's Included

This product is a pdf with 4 pages.

There is a paragraph and 8 questions for students to answer -- best title, main idea, details, sequence, elapsed time, short writing

There is an answer key included.

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