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Reading Connections, Visual Supports

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About This Product

Reading Connections, Visual Supports

The power of visual aids in teaching is well-known - especially so in the realm of language arts where visualization plays a crucial role in helping students foster connections with the text. To facilitate this complex process, the product "Reading Connections, Visual Supports" comes into play.

In most classrooms teachers leverage symbols and images to aid students better grasp reading context. However, for some learners such as those with special needs, traditional tools like large classroom posters might not always serve their purpose due to issues related to location and memory recall.

The "Reading Connections, Visual Supports" set has been crafted bearing these situations in mind. This resource spans over 6 pages featuring worksheet-styled content that offers portable visual aids for a more personalized reference during reading time.

  • Bookmark-style visuals: Compact yet informative visuals that double up as bookmarks keep key concepts at hand while they navigate through different texts.
  • Prompt cards: Quick reference guides assist during solo or group reading sessions or even homework assignments improving comprehension abilities by reinforcing important connections associated with the read text.

This digital offering has been clubbed under Language Arts – Reading section and is aimed at Grade 1-3 educators who teach this subject regularly or follow homeschooling module involving combined grade setups.

Apart from being supplied as a ready-to-use PDF file ensuring easy access over numerous devices alongside quality image reproduction irrespective of whether being used inside a traditional classroom or home-school setup – it grants tremendous flexibility to teaching-learning process all bundled together! Thus, if you are looking for something handy that can drive student engagement effectively - look no further than "Reading Connection Visual Supports".

What's Included

Included Please Find: 6 Pages

Bookmark Style Reading Connections Visuals

Reading Connections Visual Prompt Cards

Directions/Suggestions For Use

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