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Red Ribbon Week Swag Tags - EBOOK

Red Ribbon Week Swag Tags - EBOOK
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About This Product

Fostering a Conducive Learning Environment with Red Ribbon Week Swag Tags EBOOK

As educators, we are entrusted with the task of creating a conducive learning environment where students strive not just for academic achievement but also understand the importance of personal wellness. The Red Ribbon Week Swag Tags EBOOK is our ally in establishing this balance.

Bravery-Inspired 'Swag Tags'

This unique tool harnesses the concept of bravery-inspired badges or 'swag tags' as external motivators for promoting positive behavior and goal alignment among students. Such classroom management systems are found to be more engaging as compared to traditional stickers or stamps.

Content Details

The e-book includes 15 different swag tags in both colour and black & white versions, designed exactly for Red Ribbon Week activities:

  • 'Drug Free Kid' shirts for boys and girls,
  • 'I Like Me Drug-Free' ribbon tag,
  • Themed versions like "Wear Red Day", "Crazy Hair Day", "Crazy Sock Day", "Team Shirt Day" and "Free Dress Days".

Versatile Usage Across Grade Levels

Suitable from Preschool to Grade 4, these badges can be integrated during whole group instruction during Red Ribbon week lessons as well as in smaller discussions centered on personal health issues related to substance usage boundaries setting.

A Tool For Recognition And Rewards Management Within Your Classroom Routine

This six-page downloadable PDF file offers visual appeal that will keep your young learners inspired while giving you an efficient way of managing recognitions and rewards within your classroom routine.

In conclusion, this resource serves dual functions of effective classroom management and establishing a drug-free culture amongst young learners, whilst promoting intrinsic motivation towards achieving overall behavior goals.

What's Included

6 pages in PDF format

Resource Tags

Drug Free KidI Like MeWear RedCrazy HairTeam Shirt

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