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Refugees Simulation Pack

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About This Product

This resource contains an asylum seeker/refugee simulation activity pack. It is an ideal resource for World Refugee Day that takes place on June 20th.

The simulation is in the form of a PowerPoint. There are 8 scenarios. Students are divided into groups and are required to make decisions/take action. Some of the scenarios are accompanied by a timer with dramatic music playing to simulate the confusion in which refugees have to make quick decisions.


Scenario 1 - War has broken out. Members of the group have to leave home. They are required to choose 6 items to take with them.

Scenario 2 - A pick-up truck arrives to take the group to a boat on the coast. The driver speeds away as fast as he can. He hits a speed bump and one of the group’s bags falls off the back of the truck.

Scenario 4 - The truck continues its journey towards the coast. The truck runs out of fuel and the group members have to walk. To make the journey easier everyone has to take the heaviest item out of their bag to make it lighter.

Scenario 6 – The group reaches the coast. There is a small boat waiting. However, the boat can only take four people.

Scenario 7 – The man with the boat wants payment The group must give any money they have to him. If they have no money they have to give him their most valuable item.

Scenario 8 -The boat sets sail. The wind gets up and the waves become rough. Water from the waves gets into the boat. Your bag is drenched. Anything which could be affected by water is ruined

Follow-Up Activities and 3 Worksheets

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This resource contains a fully editable and informative 75-slide PowerPoint presentation on Refugee Day which is held on 20th June each year. The PowerPoint focuses on:

  • What a refugee is.

  • What an asylum seeker is.

  • Why do people become refugees.

  • The plight of refugees.

  • Why do we have World Refugee Day.

  • This year's World Refugee Day theme.

  • How we can help refugees.

The PowerPoint also contains three hyperlinks to the stories of three refugee children. It concludes by asking the students some reflective questions.

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This is a powerful and poignant slideshow, containing eighty, thought-provoking images and accompanied by music, about asylum seekers and refugees. A picture speaks a thousand words and these images certainly do that. This resource could be used in a variety of ways – for an assembly, to stimulate discussion and creative writing. The slides could also be printed off and used for display.

What's Included

This resource contains an asylum seeker/refugee simulation activity pack that includes a PowerPoint presentation, follow-up activities and worksheets.

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