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Renaissance Art Workaround - View, Analyze, and Critique Famous Art!

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Grade 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Transform your classroom into an art gallery showcasing renowned masterpieces from the Renaissance Era! With clear instructions and insightful "teacher tips," this activity will engage students. Includes answer keys, printable pieces of art, grading rubric, alternative worksheet for independent completion, and more.

Actual Activity Instructions:

In your groups, you will be viewing famous pieces of art from the Renaissance!

  1. Each group will be given a different picture of an artwork.

  2. A series of guiding questions will be listed on the board for each group as they analyze the pieces of art.

  3. The art pieces will be displayed around the class like an art gallery. Groups will rotate on command after analysis.

Sample Art Analysis Questions:

  • What do the different elements in the piece represent?

  • What does the artwork reveal about the values of people during the Renaissance?

What's Included:

  • 22 Slide follow-along presentation that includes instructions and station questions.

  • Printable Art - 8 pieces (eg. Pesaro Madonna, Last Judgement)

  • Rubric evaluation

  • Art piece descriptions for teacher and for students following activity. These artwork reviews are not my own.

  • Alternative worksheet template (2 pages)

Teacher Tips:

  • Buy plexiglass holders from the Dollar Store to display the artwork in.

Part of a Complete Course!

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