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Research Essay Workshop

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Research Essay Workshop: An Educational Resource

Research Essay Workshop is an exceptional resource for any educator looking to guide their students through the process of researching and creating a well-composed essay. Balancing education requirements with the drive to foster curiosity in young minds, this teaching tool breaks down the often daunting task into five manageable segments or tasks. Furthermore, it aligns seamlessly with 11 Common Core ELA standards.

The rarity of this workshop is its comprehensive nature :
  • It includes three presentations that effectively cover all background information necessary to commence the research process, leaving no room for ambiguity or confusion.
  • Discussions ranging from brainstorming potential project ideas, understanding and identifying fake news sources, to mastering MLA Style basics are among these initial lessons.

Main Content - The Five Tasks:

The main content is divided between five tasks designed around skill development and knowledge building...

  1. Task One: Selecting a topic and formulating key research questions. You'll find an activity catering exactly to these needs: developing a basic understanding of chosen topics.
  2. Task Two: Creating a research note-taking journal facilitating source assessment while recording vital information relevant for subsequent activities in the series.
  3. Task Three:Annotated bibliography writing assignment complete with requirements list & useful resource suggestions list-aligning with common core standards (CCRA.W7., CCRA.W8., CCRA.L3.)
  4. Task Four : Converting research into essays - guided by dealing with formatting guidelines & checklists for peer review & self-review- aligning with common core standards(CCRW2., CCRAW4., CCRA.W7., CCA.R3.)
  5. Task Five: Peer review activities detailed on worksheets which facilitate thoughtful critique while honing communication skills in your learners.

This workshop offers flexibility across Grades 9 through 12, with applicability in Language Arts curriculum. It focuses on surface language, reading, and writing skills as per the Common Core standards.

Format :

Available as print-ready, bookmarked PDFs or adjustable PowerPoint Show files - this resource could be accessible to any educator anywhere.

In Summary :

With 18 pages of content and 14 slides of engaging presentation materials, Research Essay Workshop delivers a comprehensive guide to the art and process of research essay writing. Enabling educators to integrate a fundamental academic skill into their classroom instruction repertoire effectively.

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