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Roses for Gita Read Aloud Book Companion Activities for IRA

Roses for Gita Read Aloud Book Companion Activities for IRA
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Grade 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

Roses for Gita Read Aloud Book Companion Activities for IRA

This is a comprehensive educational tool crafted to heighten the reading experience of Roses for Gita by Rachna Gilmore. The resource includes an array of 26 ready-to-use reading activities accommodating diverse academic abilities and learning styles.

The Array of Reading Activities

  • Character investigation
  • Story element identification
  • Theme determination
  • Story event plotting
  • Cause and effect relationships understanding
These activities not only aid students in making predictions, linking events, and drawing inferences but also stimulate them to include reasoning extending beyond the text.

This versatile teaching instrument could be employed during whole-group or small-group instructions or even as self-guided homework assignments since it provides endless implementation opportunities.

Fostering Higher-Level Thinking Skills Among Students

The provision is especially designed to bolster comprehension and advanced reading skills among second-through-fourth-grade language arts students. They are nudged towards substantiating their line of reasoning using textual evidence while also expressing their personal views.
    Note:The resource does not comprise actual copies of Roses for Gita; it only contains supplementary read-aloud extension activities specific only to independent study post read-aloud sessions conducted in classroom or home environments.

    Saving teachers' time while maintaining Quality!

    Teachers find this compact yet comprehensive toolkit invaluable as it omits the need for scouring high-quality resources elsewhere – they get a full circle set right after fingertips embodying curriculum-aligned teaching materials making instruction simpler! Highlights include tasks like "Making Predictions" or "Creating Alternate Story Endings".

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