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Rules and Activities: Classroom Management / First Days of School

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Rules and Activities: Classroom Management / First Days of School

Whether managing a kindergarten or an upper elementary classroom, educators understand the pivotal role that effectively established rules play. But creating effective rules is only half the battle; teaching them in a memorable and engaging way remains paramount to success within the classroom.

We introduce 'Rules and Activities: Classroom Management / First Days of School' resource packet designed with this challenge in mind. This packet, with 46 pages packed full of instructional content, lays out twelve fundamental classroom rules along with corresponding activities to reinforce each rule into students’ minds.

The Rules include:

  • Respectful interaction with educators and peers alike
  • Prompt transition between tasks
  • Maintaining high organizational level within individual spaces such as desks or lockers
  • Cleaning up after oneself in common shared areas like restrooms or lunchrooms
  • Walking orderly in line embracing quietness as an integral part of behavior.
  • This package also encourages practicing humble victories and accepting defeats gracefully—never failing to congratulate classmates nor seeking praises for personal actions but always putting forth the best effort.

In addition to these, these resources solidify learning commitment through daily reminder posters. They are available both colorful for adding lively aesthetics into classroom decor, and black-and-white ones promoting ink-saving efficiency.

This Effort-centric initiative emphasizing repeat reinforcement during initial weeks is tailored from kindergarten up through fifth-grade needs. Elementary teachers can incorporate these activities into whole-group discussions or small-group breakout sessions while integrating them into their lesson plans during initial days when norms are set establishing harmony from back-to-school chaos usually experienced at beginning.

With 'Rules & Activities,' aim for successful early days navigation but also ensure continuous smooth sailing throughout your academic journey. All while nurturing responsible students taking pride over positive behavior inside classrooms which extends seamlessly towards community living outside school boundaries. Turn everyday into an opportunity filled with the joy of learning embedded into well-mannered behavior.

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