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Russia Country Study

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Russia Country Study

A comprehensive teaching resource meticulously designed to aid both school teachers and homeschoolers. It provides a thorough curriculum covering all aspects of Russia's fascinating history from prehistoric times, through the Mongolian era, Romanov rule and Stalin's regime up till the present.

Specially tailored for grade 9-12 students studying Social Studies focusing on European History. 24 dynamic modules revolving around influential figures such as Ivan the Terrible, Catherine the Great and Nicholas II are covered. Key historic events like World War I&II and Russia’s impactful revolutions form part of this comprehensive unit as well.

Educational Activities:

  • In-depth readings

  • Carefully constructed worksheets that promote active engagement throughout student learning journey

  • Illustrative picture sheets to visualize different periods effectively

  • In-depth project worksheets for extended exploration on certain topics

  • A range of crosswords to subtly cement key concepts while also fostering enjoyable learning experiences

  • Digital Accessibility

All resources will be bundled in a compact .ZIP file, ensuring an efficient accessibility anytime anywhere once downloaded! No longer worry about loose papers or misplacing content - it’s all virtually right at your fingertips!

Hurry! Get Your Hands On This Gem Today!

This carefully curated teaching resource caters wide-ranging discussion across distinctive eras alongside hands-on activities for reinforced understanding. Pave your way towards delivering engaging yet fact-packed lessons about Russian history with this feature-rich unit study!

Oozing potential & versatility - snag this unique teaching asset today to bring history alive most in classrooms or homes alike!

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