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School Counselor Stationary Pack-- Printable Planners and To-Do Lists

School Counselor Stationary Pack-- Printable Planners and To-Do Lists
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About This Product

As a school counselor, it can be difficult to get stuff done without staying organized and being on top of things. Do you need help with getting stuff done, staying organized and staying on track? This printable stationary pack is perfect for you! This school counselor stationary pack is filled with different types of planners, to-do lists and ways to help you stay organized and make the most out of your busy day!

Each Stationary sheet has a cute logo that has the title of school counselor on it with a pink-greenery themed aesthetic printed on it! What makes these printables unique is not just the design but also the notes and medicaid billing lists (my personal favorite). These lists help me keep track of what notes you still need to complete and which servises you still need to bill for!

These planners have different categories that can help you stay focused and prioritize what you need to do for the day. Another great part is you can use these as is or add these worksheets to your planner!

What's Included?

⭐ Full Sheet To-Do List

⭐ Half Sheets To-Do List

⭐ Sticky Note To-Do List Template

⭐ Weekly Priority Planner

⭐ Daily Planner With Categories

⭐Notes & Medicaid Billing Lists

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