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SCHOOLED By Paul Langan Book Study 95 Page Packet

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About This Product

This engaging and rigorous novel study packet will help guide any level student through this fun and value-packed book! The packet is very easy to use for the teacher and for the student. You can use this packet as individual work, group work, or homework. The book has many themes and values in it for great classroom discussions. This study packet will help facilitate these discussions as a class or in groups. The assessments are not too long and boring, but they are rigorous and will assess many reading skills. Many of Langston Hughes's poems are included in this packet for the kids to have a variety of poetry practice, too.

This 95 Page Novel Study Unit Includes:

·    10 Lessons with Comprehension, Vocabulary, & Writing Group or Individual 1-16 Work Sheets (15 items or plot questions for each lesson; #16 is a mini-writing opinion prompt)!  

·    10 Chapter MYSTERY Vocabulary Pages Using Context Clues & Fun Blanks! Two rigorous vocabulary words to find for each lesson. 20 Total words!

·    Student Score Sheet for Each Lesson!

·    10 Five Point CCSS Multiple Choice Overtime Exit Quizzes! Each quiz has a variety of vocabulary, figurative meaning,  comprehension, 1 question from one of Langston Hughes’s poems & More!  

·    A 50 Question Summative Multiple Choice Final Test at End of Unit (if you decide NOT to use the exit quizzes)!

·    A Student English Reference Page to help Answer English Items!

·    Two 10-point Fill-In-The-Blank Context Clue Vocabulary Quizzes from the Mystery Vocabulary Words and 1 every 5 Lessons (20 total rigorous words)! Also, 20 Context Clue Fill-In-The-Blank Practice Cards for Group Practice!      

·    Key Standards: Themes; Main Ideas; Point of View; Engaged Discussions; Meanings of Unknown Words Using Context Clues; Understanding & Identifying Figurative Meanings; Similes; Comprehension; Vocabulary; Writing; Art; poetry; And More!

·    A WordArt Template to learn Challenging Vocabulary Words in a Fun way!

·    Answer keys to All Assessments!

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