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Sight Word Foldable Book: blue

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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

With these sight word foldable book, students will practice sight word recognition. Students will use these books to find, write, and read the target sight word! This resource contains foldable books for the sight word: blue

The pages included in this product are:

  • There are 2 sight word activity foldable books. Both books have a cover page to color, a seek and find activity where students color or dab the sight word, and an area where students will trace the sight word. One book has a page where students will simply read sentences containing the sight word, while the other contains sentences for students to first write the sight word, then read the sentences.

  • There are 2 sight word emergent readers. One reader has students simply color an image and read the sentence containing the target sight word. The second reader contains the same sentences with the sight word missing. Students will write the sight word, then read the sentences on these books.

How to Make:

Students can either fold the books first or complete the activities before folding the book. The order is not important. To create the books, students will first fold the book along the horizontal line, then they will fold along the vertical line.

When to Use:

  • Literacy Center - These foldable books can be used in literacy center for students to practice these sight words.

  • Homework - These foldable books can be sent home from homework so parents can assist students in learning their sight words.

  • Independent Practice - These foldable books make great independent practice for students learning sight words.

  • Sub Plans - Since these foldable books have easy to follow directions, they make great activities to leave with substitutes.

These foldable books are a great no-prep activity for teachers to give to students to complete. They pages just need to be printed and given to students. No cutting is necessary to create the books!

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