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Similar Figures - Find the Missing Side Length - Self-Checking Digital Activity

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Grade 7



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About This Product

Product: Similar Figures - Find the Missing Side Length - Self-Checking Digital Activity

Teachers constantly aim to introduce new engaging methodologies for students to thoroughly understand vital concepts. Are you on the hunt for such a resource that helps your students master the art of finding missing side lengths in similar figures more efficiently? Well, fear not! Here's an innovative way to make math fun for your middle-grade students with this self-checking digital activity on Google Sheets.

What is it?

Unfolding the thrills of calculation, this digital maths resource brings an exciting game-changing twist. The name says it all: Similar Figures Missing. As your students answer correctly and progress through the levels, parts of an image gradually go missing.

This gradual disseverment of images after each correct answer not only increases curiosity but also reinforces their knowledge in calculating missing sides in similar figures.

Main Features

  • Provides Instant feedback: Correct responses move forward and incorrect ones help recognize errors needing revisions or teacher's assistance through a color-coded system; green check mark for correct, red indicator for revision needed.
  • No preparation needed from teachers' end saves valuable time mainly devoted to compiling materials or grading papers.
  • A versatile tool meeting diverse learning needs can be implemented as a whole group activity fostering collaborative learning or assigned individually allowing personalized attention.

The resource can further fine tune differentiation techniques and scaffolding strategies while offering students immediate feedback leveling up learning experiences!

This tool is created using Google Sheets which warrants easy access provided one has a free Google account.Best suited grade level being Grade 7 with subjects touching Math subtopics like Fractions , Geometry , Measurements,it seems perfectly tailored made serving classified educational demands.Rendering an edge over traditional methods, it includes:

  • A self-checking activity having 12 problems.
  • Answer key for students as well as teachers.
  • Optional 'Show Your Work' Page to track progress.
  • Instructions for seamless Teacher and Student use.

In conclusion, tap the potential of this resource transforming your students’ abstract learning into tangible experiences with Similar Figures - Find the Missing Side Length. Steer math classes into a delighting interactive playground infusing fun while learning!

What's Included

➡️ Here's what’s included:

⭐Google Sheet  Sketch and Guess Digital Self-Checking Activity with 12 Similar Figures - Find the Missing Length Problems

⭐Answer Key

⭐Optional Show Your Work Page

⭐Instructions for Teacher and Student Use

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