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Simplifying Linear Expressions 3-of-a-KIND Activity

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About This Product

Simplifying Linear Expressions 3-of-a-KIND Activity

Simplifying Linear Expressions 3-of-a-KIND Activity is a resource designed to facilitate algebra education for 7th grade math students. This tool focuses on mastering the operations required within the 7th Grade Expressions & Equations Standards, specifically CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.7.EE.A.1.

Versions and Benefits

  • The activity splits into two versions:
    1. A version containing answer sheets with provided solutions, and
    2. A version devoid of supplied answers;
    therefore, creating an environment that can accommodate both guided learning and independent practice.
  • Potential as homework assignments—students can delve deeper into the concepts at their own pace while parents gain insight into what's being learned in school.
  • This resource holds potential as group activities like collaborative learning, partner work or small group settings.

Note: Also appended are optional student work spaces encouraging meticulous calculations ensuring accuracy when simplifying linear expressions—an essential skill as they navigate further into math's intricate world.

Different Levels of Difficulty:

The resource spans three levels of difficulty:

  1. Combining like terms
  2. ,
  3. Moderate problems dealing with combining similar terms,
  4. ,
  5. Distributive property application along with combining similar terms — a vast range promoting deep comprehension all while keeping students challenged and engaged.
  6. .

Presentation Format:

This valuable educational tool is provided as a readily accessible PDF document; making it adaptable whether you're teaching in traditional classrooms or home-based learning environments.


The Simplifying Linear Expressions 3-of-a-KIND Activity is indeed, a must-have tool for every 7th grade math teacher. It offers not just an effective instructional material but also a flexible teaching tool that aligns seamlessly with every educator's unique pedagogical style.

What's Included

This resource contains a “Three-of-a-Kind” Activity in the following formats.

1) Simplifying Linear Expressions (both printable and versions for Google Slides)

Version A: Answer sheets WITH solutions given

Version B: Answer sheets without solutions given

2) Optional Student Work Space

3) Answer Keys

The expressions in this resource contain 3 levels of difficulty:

1) Simple combining like terms

2) Adding & subtracting groups of expressions

3) Expressions containing distributive property and combining like terms

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