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Snapchat Exit Tickets

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About This Product

Snapchat Exit Tickets

Designed as a revolutionary teaching resource, Snapchat Exit Tickets gauges student comprehension effectively. It uniquely combines modern communication modes with traditional classroom assessments to provide an alternative tool for educators to assess and stimulate student learning.

Geared towards Grades 1 through 8, this resource covers a diverse range of subjects, including unique resources and social skills development.

The Appeal
  • Blends familiar elements of popular social media platforms like Snapchat with educational tools.
  • Captures students' interest while determining their understanding of the lesson.
  • Versatile application allows use during whole group discussions, small group activities or as unique homework assignments.
The Contents
  • Included are 17 specially designed exit tickets that get students actively involved in different academic tasks.
  • Each ticket presents a unique challenge that prompts learners to recall and apply what they've absorbed.
The Benefits
  • Catering to diverse learning styles, these tools offer regular review opportunities for students whilst giving teachers valuable insight into their cognitive development levels.
  • Digital access on any device makes it convenient for busy teachers needing quick prints anytime necessary!

Snapchat Exit Tickets is more than just another teaching tool. It cleverly blends fun with serious assessment duties—making every learning journey not only memorable but also meaningful! This product lends immense value to public school teachers and homeschoolers seeking new-age teaching aids.

What's Included

This set includes 17 different exit tickets to print for students individually or to hang in your classroom for daily use.

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