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Snow: Learn The Phonic Sound ow (as in blow)

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About This Product

Snow: Learn The Phonic Sound ow (as in blow)

An innovative teaching resource, meticulously designed to intertwine fun and phonics-based learning. This resource targets young learners from Early Learning stages, progressing through Kindergarten and Grade 1. It is especially handy for English language learners or students overcoming learning difficulties.

This educational material focuses on reinforcing the phonic sound 'ow' as in 'blow', building linguistic skills via engaging storylines. The narratives follow the adventures of a charming boy named Sam that integrate 44 vital phonic sounds

A Structured Phonics Course

  • Suits various teaching formats such as one-to-one sessions or small group classes facilitated by educators or guardians alike.
  • Gives students tools to decode approximately 80% of words by segmenting them into understandable sounds - pl ay ing.

Cultivating Vibrant Environments for Learning

The content encourages children to enact problem-solving skills with impressive progression speed. It develops understanding of complex middle sounds through exciting narratives like 'The Bouncing Castle'and 'The Famous Cousin From The Country.'

A Tool for Instruction and Assessment

This product contains cut-out practice pages that reinforce learned vocabulary via matching words to pictures exercise making it interactive, etching word association stronger into memory banks.

Housing comprehensive phonics-focused format within instructive stories supplemented with beautiful visuals delivering substantive text employing simple sentences suitable for young readers. Snow: Learn The Phonic Sound ow (as in blow) proves itself crucial for meaningful literacy development accessible even at home- allowing remote schooling less daunting while keeping education consistently attainable. Its PDF compatibility makes it digitally friendly, further promoting unbroken learning whether in traditional classrooms or virtual space.

What's Included

11 pages

Resource Tags

phonics-based learning linguistic skill-building vocabulary enrichment interactive practice literacy development

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