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Learn The Phonic Sound 'ine' (as in trampoline).

Learn The Phonic Sound 'ine' (as in trampoline).
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

Learn The Phonic Sound 'ine' (as in trampoline): A Comprehensive Reading Tool

Learn The Phonic Sound 'ine' (as in trampoline) is a unique resource designed to aid children in refining reading proficiency. Specialised in phonics, it introduces 44 distinct sound types throughout the text - teaching kids to segment words into sounds or syllables for effective learning.

This all-inclusive pack centres around Sam's enchanting escapades, inviting kids aged 4+ on an exciting journey of discovering various sounds as they read along. It's a valuable tool for different types of learners - young novices, older reluctant readers, learners facing difficulties & ESL students.

Enriched Learning With Structured Stories and Activities:

Educators can engage students individually or in small groups through each pack series that unveils more complex mid-sounds while solidifying previously learned concepts via stories like 'The Bouncing Castle', and 'The Famous Cousin From The Country'. Also included are cutout pages that encourage practice of new vocabulary by matching words with pictures/ phrases with pictures.

Vivid Illustrations Enhance Memory Recall:

The attractive color sketches throughout the text make it easier for children to remember sound words . By leveraging this tool ,reading becomes effortless,and lays the foundation for solo reading books like Roald Dahl's popular titles such as 'Georges Marvellous Medicine'&'Fantastic Mr Fox.'

Suggested Implementation:

  • The packs can be used independently based on particular sound needs.
  • Tailor instruction based on individual learning paths - begining with packs focusing on initial word-building skills before moving onto other phonic associations extending towards more complex sound sequences.
  • Prompt each sound, guide the children to learn it, read related sentences or stories while conversing about images and use the given words or phrases to coordinate with pictures as reinforcement.
  • Reiterate each sound multiple times at a comfortable pace till its familarity for the child/children is assured.
In summary, Learn The Phonic Sound 'ine' (as in trampoline) seamlessly fuses fun and reading targets for kids regardless of whether they're part of a kindergarten class or homeschooled 2nd graders. This versatile PDF worksheet style teaching aid aims to gently but efficiently address reading challenges.

What's Included

22 pages

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