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Social Scripts For Older Kids, 10 Short Social Scripts


Grade 3, 4, 5



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About This Product

Do you have students who could benefit from a social script but are too old for the traditional kind, with lots of cartoon style graphics?

These 1 page stories are great for the upper elementary student who is having trouble understanding a variety of social skills. These stories are short and to the point and contain very few graphics so that they are more discrete and appealing to older students.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 16 Pages

SOCIAL SCRIPT 1: Staying With The Adult

SOCIAL SCRIPT 2: Playing Safely

SOCIAL SCRIPT 3: Handling Negative Peer Pressure

SOCIAL SCRIPT 4: Following The Rules

SOCIAL SCRIPT 5: Handling Bullies and Bullying

SOCIAL SCRIPT 6: Handling A Boring Moment

SOCIAL SCRIPT 7: Good Student Behavior

SOCIAL SCRIPT 8: Being Flexible

SOCIAL SCRIPT 9: Being A Good Sport

SOCIAL SCRIPT 10: Friendly vs. Mean Teasing

*BONUS STORY: Wearing A Mask

Resource Tags

Social StorySocial SkillsSocial PragmaticsAppropriate BehaviorSpecial Education

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