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Solar System: Moon Phases - FLASH-MAC

Solar System: Moon Phases - FLASH-MAC
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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

The Solar System: Moon Phases - FLASH-MAC

An engaging science resource that teaches students about the nine different phases of the lunar cycle. This astronomy-focused activity, though primarily aimed at learners in grades 5 through 8, is comprehensible and enjoyable for all students who have a keen interest in understanding more regarding our extraterrestrial environments.

Educational Tool for Learning Moon Phases

This educational tool effectively transforms how young minds perceive and learn the concept of moon phases as it provides an interactive visual representation of each phase from both a space perspective and an earth viewpoint, helping to strengthen understanding and comprehension.

Made for Mac systems, this software activity lets students actively engage by maneuvering a moon icon along a bar to navigate through each lunar phase on their own pace. Not only does it make learning feel less intimidating but also affords learners freedom over their study sessions.

Alignment with Educational Standards

  • Solar System: Moon Phases - FLASH-MAC resource aligns with Common Core State Standards ensuring every lesson taught is up to par with established educational guidelines.
  • This resource has been crafted following Bloom's Taxonomy approach which promotes higher forms of thinking in education such as analysing and evaluating concepts rather than just remembering facts.

Suitable for whole group discussions during class time or even small group work sessions as part of homework assignments or projects—educators can utilize this teaching medium however they find best fits their learning environment strategy while keeping lessons fresh and interesting.

To conclude,, indulge your student's inner astronomers with Solar System: Moon Phases - FLASH-MAC that successfully intermingles education with interaction creating an exciting learning atmosphere while capturing intricate scientific phenomena in simple terms.

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