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Solar System: The Inner Planets Activity - FLASH-MAC

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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Solar System: The Inner Planets Activity - FLASH-MAC

A compact and efficient teaching resource designed specifically for educators instructing Grade 5 up to Grade 8. This digital asset primarily caters to the subject of Science, with an emphasis on Astronomy.

This user-friendly and interactive platform enhances learning about the four inner planets of our Solar System. It provides detailed particulars about each planet:

  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Mars

Learners can immerse themselves in vivid simulations that prompt an animated display of these planets' rotation, coupled with crucial data related to their year length, circumference, effective temperature, and significant discoveries.

The Dynamic Teaching Tool

Solar System: The Inner Planets Activity - FLASH-MAC presents a dynamic way for integrating technology into lessons while allowing learners' exploration up close. This tool offers flexibility in adaptability according to both teaching preferences and student needs – suitable for whole group instruction or small-group activities or individual assignments at home or in-person classes.

Alligned Learning Methods & Standards
Bloom's Taxonomy methodology is followed ensuring comprehensive understanding rather than rote memorization. Additionally,Fully alignment with Common Core State Standards eases integration into pre-established curriculum guidelines whilst maintaining high educational standards nationwide.   Bloom's Taxonomy methodology .
Inclusions & Benefits :
  • One product file is included in the download package for Mac users, minimizing teacher preparation while increasing classroom productivity.
  • A user-friendly design embedded with effective educational strategies assures an engaging and fulfilling learning experience.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the Inner Planets visualized iefficients to improved academic performances. is ensured enhancing student engagement and cognitive absorption.

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