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Spanish Interactive Notebook - The Nativity

An educational teaching resource from Teacher's Clipart entitled Spanish Interactive Notebook - The Nativity downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Spanish Interactive Notebook - The Nativity: An exceptional educational tool for teachers and homeschooling parents. This interactive notebook weaves language learning with the globally significant story of The Nativity.

Comprising of a 9-page PDF, it covers various elements related to The Nativity such as:

  • Main figures: María y José; El niño Jesús
  • Symbols: El pesebre
  • Geographical elements: El desierto
  • Celestial bodies:: La estrella.

The vibrancy extends further with inclusion of diverse aspects like:

  1. Animal figures (Los animales)
  2. Historical characters (Los pastores y Los reyes magos)
  3. Symbolically significant objects (El Incienso, La mirra y El oro).

This resource serves students from Grade 1 to Grade 4 and proves effective in both group classroom sessions or in small focused learning groups. It can be used as a classroom activity or assigned for home-based learning tasks making it beneficial for homeschool environments too.

In essence, the Spanish Interactive Notebook - The nativity is an ideal addition to enhance your current instruction methods in World Languages. It assists students foster their knowledge about key global narratives while simultaneously nurturing their Spanish language capabilities.

What's Included

PDF File with 9 pages.

Resource Tags

Spanish language Interactive notebook The Nativity Cultural context Language acquisition el incienso day of the dead

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