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Spanish Vocabulary Crossword about Easter - La Pascua

Spanish Vocabulary Crossword about Easter - La Pascua
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Grade 9, 10, 11



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About This Product

This crossword is about Easter (Pascua) vocabulary in Spanish! The words in this crossword are secular/nonreligious. Students have to recognize the things in the pictures and write their name in Spanish in order to find the hidden message. 

This crossword puzzle is a print-and-go and ready-to-use pdf that includes answers.

The words in this crossword are related to Easter, spring or party in general. There are 21 vocabulary words: nido, lirio, sol, fiesta, caramelo, tulipán, patito, magdalena, lavanda, malvavisco, cesta, huevo, mariposa, pincel, chocolate, césped, vela, conejo, pollito y guirnalda.  

After filling the crossword, you will find a hidden message from the grey vertical row! The hidden message in this crossword is: Disfruta la Semana Santa, a common wish for a happy Easter in Mexico.

With Spanish vocabulary, you have to consider if the word is feminine or masculine. In this crossword I’ve solved this issue by printing the definite article ready for the crossword. This makes it easier for younger students to understand the crossword (meaning exactly one letter for each square) while still introducing the gender of each word. 

Filling the crossword: Students look at the pictures on the right side of the page. Each picture has a number. When they recognize the word in Spanish, they should write the word into the corresponding horizontal row in the crossword one letter at a time. Don’t forget the accents!  

This resource is suitable for individual work or small groups. Students may need some vocabulary or online search to support their work. 

This resource is at its best with students

-9 years and older, if Spanish is a foreign language

-For younger students, if they have a strong background in Spanish (like Spanish spoken at home etc.)

There are also other crosswords like this in my Teach Simple page: 

Answers are included.

What's Included

2 printable pdf pages.

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